We are a pioneer church plant, working in partnership with a London-based network of Reformed Evangelical church plants.

Our story starts with Jesus, and the good news of who he is, and what he's come to do. An ordinary bloke and his wife became convinced that this good news is something that everyone needs to hear about, and moved to Roehampton in 2015 with the aim of starting a church, to share that good news with the 10,000 students who study here for years to come.

Since the early days of Christianity, churches have been established as a result of people believing the good news, and as a way to continue the spread of the good news. This one is no different.

We are a small church with a big God, and we'd love you to be a part of establishing a church which can continue taking the good news about Jesus to students for many years to come.

Maybe you've been following Jesus for ages, or maybe you've never considered that the words 'good news' and 'Jesus' might be in the same sentence - either way, why not get in touch and find out more?!



We want to establish a Bible-teaching, student-focussed church in Roehampton, within walking distance of the uni, for God's glory and the salvation of many!

By the teaching of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, to see students:

  • Reached by Jesus' gospel. The good news about Jesus is the greatest news in the world!
  • Educated in Jesus' teaching. Uni is a time to learn - there's no greater teacher than God himself!
  • Inspired by Jesus' call. Eternal realities transform our priorities, making us disciple-making disciples.



Each church has a slightly different culture. At our church, we want to prioritise:
  • Simple, clear, faithful teaching of the Bible.
  • Deep friendships, built on our unity in Jesus.
  • Having fun as we live life together!

    WHO'S WHO?

    CONTACT PASTOR - Clayton Fopp

    Clayton is a Senior Pastor at Dundonald Church, however he is also RSC's contact pastor for the time being, until someone is able to take on the role as RSC's full time pastor.

    Edmund Nogueiro heads up our outreach ministry after graduating from Roehampton in 2018 and spending a year working with UCCF on their Relay training programme. He hates vegetables, and loves chatting about the Bible with people exploring faith over a cup of coffee.

    Reuben Fromow co-leads our welcome ministry after graduating from Roehampton in 2019. When not consuming large quantities of food, you'll find him preparing for his next Dungeons and Dragons quest. He's keen to make RSC an easy place for people to come along to, no matter who you are.

    Erin Trout co-leads our welcome ministry, alongside training to be an English teacher at Roehampton. She likes books, cups of tea, listening to The Killers and riding a Vespa. She's also keen to help RSC grow in being a loving and welcoming community.

    Ian Irwin heads up our discipleship ministry. He's married to Hannah, and works at a library. He wears black, doesn't like hugs but really likes seeing people grow in their knowledge and love of God. If you've found a pair of glasses lying around, they're probably his.

    Hannah Irwin is our women's ministry co-ordinator, after graduating Roehampton in 2016. She's married to Ian, and is a freelance wedding photographer. She loves Marvel movies, playing D&D and having sophisticated conversations with their two cats. She also has a heart for encouraging discipleship among the women at church.

    Dave Wilson has an eye on the practical and logistical side of church life, after graduating Roehampton in 2017. Dave’s natural habitats include the sportsfield (football, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee - yes, it's a sport), Richmond Park, and wherever his family are - being one of six siblings means there's never a dull moment! 


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