Welcome Study Abroad Students!

Roehampton is home to a number of different study abroad programmes, including large programmes from PBA University and Biola State University, where students will come for a term to a year to complete some of their studies in Roehampton.

The chance to study abroad can be simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying – a new culture, new people, new climate, new places to visit! 

For Christian students, it can be a particularly hard time, to be away from church and Christian friends, in a culture where to come out as a Christian can be seen by some as a badge of shame.

At Roehampton Student Church, we want to help you thrive as a Christian study abroad student – we’ve loved getting to know a good number at church over the last few years, and here are some tips we’ve learned along the way:

  1. Settle quickly. A term sounds like a long time but those weeks tick by quickly, and you can end up spending every week at a different church, rather than building roots in one place. Come prepared with a couple of options, try them out, and commit after a couple of weeks!
  2. Invest in friendships. Experiences you have while you’re out there might look good on an Instagram feed, but the one thing you can’t capture in a photo is the friendships you can form with others at church, sharing individual stories of God’s grace towards you in different contexts.
  3. Enjoy small. UK churches can often feel small in comparison to churches in the US, and that’s OK! You’re only here for a short time, why not choose something different, and settle at a church where you won’t get lost in the crowd?
  4. Travel around Sundays. Because of its proximity to Europe, some study abroad students choose to use free time to nip over on a flight to visit some European cities – lucky you! But as you book flights, remember Hebrews 10:25, the priority of meeting with other believers – why not aim to back in time for our Sunday at 4pm gathering?
  5. Settle locally. London’s a big place, and there are lots of churches you could travel to. But the benefit of choosing a church that’s local, is that those at church are immersed in the same community you’re spending your time in for the rest of the week, and it gives you an easy opportunity to invite others along with you when you come to church!
  6. Make a difference. Getting involved in a church while you’re here allows you to make a lasting difference after you’ve gone, on those at church who you can encourage in their faith, and also those you could bring along with you while you’re here. Go for it!

At RSC, we’d love you to come and get involved in our core business of growing disciples amongst Roehampton students. Our main church meeting is on Sundays at 4pm, and our Focus Bible studies are Tuesdays at 6.30pm.

But whether you choose to come to RSC or commit somewhere else, we hope that your time in the UK is fun, stimulating and helps you grow in your love of God! 

"Being a part of Roehampton Student Church was the defining element of my study abroad experience. I had the opportunity to make many great friends, learn a ton from Pastor Sam, and participate in something great happening in Roehampton. Additionally, having a student church encouraged me to see that my faith could be lived out in community. That made a big difference." 

Bradley Wilder, University of North Carolina Wilmington


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